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08-Jun-2020 12:06

They said it was my pain lvl that took me down and I should follow up with the primary who won’t touch the leg…

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I never heard of pxy hyrdo norco or all that stuff and never cared I don’t even know if that’s what Dr gave me for back in young years I said back pain chronic but off and on randomly since 16 and the broken ankle in 2009 I was 34.I waited 3 weeks believing maybe they right it be okay healing deal with it.Then I was woke up in er had passed out and nlokd pressure sky rocket 170/100!!!Pain was fine I was still on surgery meds and a pump.

2 days I had similar incidents of waking with lvl 10 pain a d again I’m told to press button but his when I sleep??? After some pesistacne and searching we find out I am apparently an adict and am a risk for the narcotics pains medicines if they were to treat me with them..Norco/neproxin/cyclonenzoprine for a sore back way less painfully affected area.