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I also had the added mental boost/torture of knowing that Coach had signed up for live tracking, so she would know if I’d been able to follow our plan before I’d even finished the race. Hitting my Phase 2 target right when I was supposed to provide a major confidence boost (as did finally getting to the nice long downhill in Mile 6! Miles 6 and 7 clicked off relatively quickly, and then it was just the final three miles to go. I tried not to look at my watch as much as possible during this last phase and just ran as hard as I could manage. But experience tells me what I can handle and so I trusted my instincts and tried to embrace the suck. In mile two I continued to pass people who went out too fast; The usual assortment of kids and weekend warriors. I was in full race mode as I reeled him in and caught him just before the mile 2 sign. It looked like I would get my sub-21, but I had to stay on pace.

I made my way back to the start line, and got into my corral.