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“It is not possible to issue or renew an employee card of a foreign national who holds the position of a partner (including a member of a cooperative), the position of a member of a statutory body or another body of a commercial company,” the new Amendment states.The Ministry has introduced a new card of an intra-company transferred employee.We cannot accept any liability for any inaccuracies in this article and any decisions you make based on information contained in this website are your sole responsibility.

Despite our efforts, it may not be accurate, up to date or applicable to the circumstances of any particular case.

Temporary residence permit has to be personally filled in in an office of the Ministry of the Interior.

If parenting an adult dependent child, August 15, there was a considerable change.

Find a complete List_of_Changes_of_the_Amendment_to_the_Act_on_the_RFN_-_from_August-15th-2017_III. For applications filed by third country nationals in the territory of the Czech Republic, administrative fees for reception of the application have been introduced.

“It means, foreign nationals are required to pay the fee when they fill in the application and after they receive the card,” experts explain on their website.

Some say, changes target non-EU nationals as a reaction to current anti-immigration political temper in society.

Social Abuse Spreading rumors or using blackmail to control a partner’s actions Keeping a partner “in check” by monitoring their cell phone constantly or using friends to keep tabs on them Isolating a partner from her/his friends and family Using religion/culture to control partner Threatens to tell your parents or friends private things about you Start fights that never seem to end Always accuses you of cheating Threatens to "out" you Makes you feel badly about yourself, your friends or your family? The signs and symptoms of abuse within teenage relationships are similar to those of other types of domestic violence. In a healthy, loving relationship, people trust and support one another and respect each other’s independence.… continue reading »

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