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06-Nov-2019 18:38

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I send a picture of me, naked, turned around, wearing a pair of my sister's panties that make my juicy lil booty look even juicier. He keeps saying that my ass is perfect and that I'm perfect and I feel so happy.My stomach does more flips when we get in the elevator, where I half expect to be murdered.Then Frazer got a little bolder and put his hand on my thigh and edge his hand closer to my cock, which incidentally was starting to get harder. We went into his living room and Frazer asked, 'Do you want a drink?' And I said, 'Sure.' I thought he was going to get me a beer or something, so you can imagine my surprise when instead, Frazer unzipped his jeans and took out his cock.He tells me it's perfect again and squeezes it and kisses it and licks it and smacks it hard, which I actually really like. He lets me get used to it but all I can think is that it's there, his cock is actually in my ass. He starts to thrust his hips and I relax my hole somehow so he decides to go deeper and SHIT it burns, it burns and stings, and it's uncomfortable and what's his name? I assume it's over but then IT'S BACK INSIDE ME and he humps and it stings like hell but then Then He's fucking my ass And it feels good Holy shit, I don't know his name and he's fucking my ass with no condom and it feels GOOD like not just in my ass but like a blanket that spreads over my whole body.He licks my ass crack and decides he can't take it anymore and RIPS the panties off, actually RIPS them off my ass and goes at my asshole like it's the most delicious thing he's ever had. I hear his hips POP repeatedly against my bubble butt, which he smacks with his hands and I'm sure is red.

In addition, I have the cutest, roundest, girliest booty you've ever seen. I turned to the internet, hoping it could help me get laid. I tried and chatted and connected and disconnected, but it would seem that there were no interested guys around here. ) "Well," I said, "we should meet up and you can see just how enthusiastic I get ;)" He liked that idea. I rub his leg a little to seem confident even though I've never been so nervous.

We arrive at the hotel room and he unlocks it, giving me a sly smile. I'm about to have sex with this man and never thought to ask his name.