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I slobbered on her cock as I heard the girl on the television behind me scream, "I'm coming! After another minute of sucking, she ordered, "Take your shirt off, my MILF pet. " she joked, as I returned to my submissive position on my knees. I would usually do this when I was on my back, not my knees.

I want to see those huge fucking tits." "Yes, Miss," I nodded, standing up and taking off my shirt. " she said, as she stared at my tits with the same awe guys usually did. "You may have." I smiled, as I moved my tits to her cock and offered what almost every guy I'd ever fucked wanted...

I reached down and took a trembling grip at the bottom of her shaft. This was a position I had often assumed back when I was married. But not even in my wildest dreams had I ever aspired to sucking girl-cock. "I want you to look me right in the eyes as you get my cock ready for your sweet mouth. "Oh yeah, I love having my balls sucked," she moaned.

I obeyed another welcome order and lowered myself to my knees. "I'll be even more comfortable if you get my cock nice and wet." "Mmmmmm," I purred, extending my tongue, "I'd love to. hoping that in the very near future I would be emptying this heavy ball sack.

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That said, it was liberating to be able to masturbate anywhere in the house that I wished without the fear of getting caught by my daughter. Something." As you can tell, my brain wasn't functioning very well. I turned bright red as I realized I was actually drooling! Bobbing furiously, I suddenly lost my balance and fell forward and accidentally took the whole cock in my mouth and felt her balls resting on my chin. "Holy fuck, no one has ever taken my entire dick in their mouth," she moaned, surprised, unaware that it was an accident, although a very serendipitous one.

"I'm so happy I decided to lure you in here." "You what? "I knew you were coming over tonight," she told me. " I asked, even though that seemed rather obvious after her last statement.