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Her first radio appearance was in 1974, as a caller on Bill Ballance's show in Los Angeles.

She became a regular caller, and later a guest on Ballance's show, as he became her mentor in radio, and her first known extramarital affair.

On her radio show, she advocates the basic "family values" -- no sex outside of marriage, moms shouldn't work, divorce is wrong, abortion is wrong, living together without marriage is wrong, marriage too young is wrong, marriage without children is hardly a marriage at all, homosexuality is destructive and in her words "a biological error", gay marriage is wrong, girls should not dress like "sluts", and the family unit is of paramount importance.

Her own family unit has been dysfunctional at best.

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Eventually Schlessinger admitted her identity as the subject of the photos.

On her show, however, she has often advised listeners to break off contact with troublesome family members. "It reminds people they have an obligation to others." In 2000, Schlessinger became the first non-Christian to receive the Chairmans Award from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), but her relationship with God has also fluctuated.

She says she was raised without religion, but became interested in Judaism as a young adult.

When asked why he posted the pictures, Ballance replied at length.

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"The fact is, she has been stealing my material for so many years.Bishop, a professor of neuro-physiology and married father of three.