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16-May-2020 19:15

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“Rap bitches tell they team make ’em like Barbie / Had to come off IG so they can’t stalk me / All they do is copy looks, steal music too / Want to see what bitches do when they lose the blueprint.” Nicki is also set to release the “Street Fighter”-inspired “Chun-Li” on Thursday (April 12) at 10 a.m.

PST and sit down for an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

She also takes a moment to explain her lengthy social media hiatus.

“I get all my ni**as off, but they would still wife me,” she raps.

The topless 34-year-old rocks pasties and latex underwear, while one clone of hers grabs her boob and the other is posing with her tongue out while facing the first Nicki's crotch.

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lemme think.” Earlier this month, she asked fans if they had money ready for the tour. Nicki laughed and said that is why she likes Ellen, because she is so smart.Minaj said she has not done 'the nasty' with him yet because she's 'chilling' and is 'celibate' and she wants to go a year without sex because she 'hates men.'The audience burst into nervous laughter then applauded.She has also reportedly collaborated with Young Thug on a song titled “Anybody,” which may also drop this week.

Barbie’s two new tracks are expected to appear on her highly-anticipated fourth album.

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