Define radioactive dating of fossils

30-Jan-2020 07:10

But there is no reason to trust an arbitrary opinion.

The Bible refers to such people as being like a “fool” who builds his house on the sand (Matthew -27).

Perhaps you have heard the origins debate as being about “human reason” on the one hand, and “the Bible” on the other.

Many evolutionists like to frame the debate this way. religion,” the implication of framing the debate this way is that the Bible is anti-reason, anti-science, anti-rational. The Bible is very pro-reason, pro-science, pro-rational.

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But the only reason we can know these things is because our mind and our senses have been designed by God to interface with the universe in a way that is truthful.

Do not allow the secularist to define his position as “human reason” and yours as “faith” or some equivalent term.

The fact of the matter is both creationists and evolutionists have a type of faith, and both use some degree of reasoning. The difference is our starting point – the standard upon which we build our reasoning.

) But secular philosophy is not biblical, whereas human reason is.

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The Bible tells us to reason (Isaiah ) and gives us examples of it (Acts 17:2, 18:4). Even Jesus is human (and God as well), so there is nothing wrong with that.Yes, I have seen “reason” contrasted with “God’s Word” coming from literature.