Dating websites people multiple sclerosis

30-Jul-2020 15:09

I might be passing up a really nice fella that way, but at least it’ll keep me out of traction.

My friend’s suggestion also got me thinking about dating men with disabilities in general. I joined a disabled dating site in addition to my memberships on the regular sites Match, POF, and Senior People Meet.

After describing my dating escapades to a friend one day, she asked me: Have you ever considered dating a man with MS? And I felt a bit irritated by the question because she seemed to offer it up as some kind of solution to my man problem, which it is definitely not.

To my mind, meeting a man with MS seemed similar to meeting someone who shares the same interests one might have such as golf or wine-tasting.

These things do not encourage us to accept our lot.

They give us hope that some day we will be free of it.

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What’s more, fundraising and research for MS have to do with finding a cure and developing therapies that restore function and halt disease progression.Nice, but I would still face the same chemistry challenges that exist with any prospective boyfriend.No, I thought, seeking out a man with MS in particular for romance might be an option, but it isn’t a solution.At one point, Jake told me he had dated a woman with MS for two years. Privately I thought more about why she couldn’t take a Zen approach and why he might favor acceptance over hope and longing.

He expressed one gripe about the experience: It bothered him that she grieved over what she had lost, always talked about being free of disability one day, yearning for it, rather than accepting her limitations and doing her best with what she had. It might have to do with the difference between CP and MS.

I was getting tired of making the MS speech to every man that thought he was interested in me, having to explain the disease and how it affects me, then waiting to be judged worthy dating material.

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