Dating violence prevention stratford ontario

22-Jun-2020 18:56

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CDC uses a four-level social-ecological model to better understand violence and the effect of potential prevention strategies.¹ This model considers the complex interplay between individual, relationship, community, and societal factors.

It allows us to understand the range of factors that put people at risk for violence or protect them from experiencing or perpetrating violence.

Nominees for the Leading Women Program must be female and under 18 years of age, and must have demonstrated exceptional community leadership to improve the lives of others in their schools or communities.

From July 1, police will have access to the Ontario domestic assault risk assessment (ODARA), in an effort to reduce family violence incidents, which at present occur every six minutes across the country.The third level explores the settings, such as schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods, in which social relationships occur and seeks to identify the characteristics of these settings that are associated with becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.Prevention strategies at this level impact the social and physical environment – for example, by reducing social isolation, improving economic and housing opportunities in neighborhoods, as well as the climate, processes, and policies within school and workplace settings.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers.

Transition and Outreach Support Programs - Supports women to help them move toward a safe and independent life * based on personal choices Early Intervention - Group Support For Moms And Kids - Mothers and children attend separate groups at the same time * children see their mothers involved as key players whose knowledge and experience help guide the process of recovery Healthy Relationships - 519-271-5310 ext 24 - Support for women affected by the sexual, physical or emotional abuse of one partner by the other in a dating relationship where the couple is not living together * email [email protected] Legal Advocacy - Legal advocate will help women through the legal system * will accompany women to legal appointments, the police and provide court accompaniment * support and education to keep women informed of their rights Services for Older Women - Support for women of an older generation offering services geared to the needs of older women including a fully accessible building, managing medications, assistance with financial matters, finding a long-term place to live and organizing health care services Family Court Support - Legal advocate to help guide women through family or criminal court, dealing with custody, access and support issues or acting as witness in a criminal case Perth County’s only women’s shelter.This approach is more likely to sustain prevention efforts over time than any single intervention.

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