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22-May-2020 17:29

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What makes the experience in the classroom even more fun, is that there is a cultural mix that brings diversity and enriches the learning process. It is a nurturing experience, as I also learn from my students and it challenges me to continuously improve and be creative. I am very happy to be a part of expanding that wealth.Through the eyes and cultural background of my students, I have the opportunity to think about my language, culture and country in a different way. I love my birthplace’s language and culture and am very glad to share it with my students.This is one of the main reasons I enjoyed teaching with GLN.I love been a mediator between my culture & language and my students. However, I haven’t had opportunities to enjoy classes or when I have, I found it very difficult to learn and be committed to practicing.

Every class I feel like I am just as much of a student as they are – you learn something new every day! GLN gives me the opportunity to fulfill this passion and contribute, at the same time, to an amazing mission of connecting and empowering people through language and culture.She said, 'If he tells you te quiero, that's cute, that's fine...She came from the legal and business world, but she always had a passion for Chinese language and culture.The GLN learning technique is very unique and it create more a sense of community building and mutual learning.

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There is a saying of‒Nelson Mandela ❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.It is rewarding to know that I can contribute to making people better and providing tools that will allow them to use a new language to make a difference in the world.