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The Annales Bertiniani record that in 878 "filii Gozfridi" attacked "castellum et honores filii Odonis" which King Louis le Bgue granted to "isdem Gozfridus...[et] filios suos" who abandoned partem Brittonibus and swore allegiance to the king].The origin of the wife of Comte Bernard is deduced from the Historia Inventionis Sanctii Baudelli which names "Gothorum princeps Bernardus cum avunculo suo Gauzleno tunc inclito Abbate, futuro autem episcopo", the latter being reported in other sources as the son of Comte Rorico [I] (see below).Considering later examples of the increase in status of some seigneuries into counties, without any formal grants, after they were acquired by individuals who already enjoyed comital status elsewhere (a good example being Alenon in Normandy), the second possible explanation appears more likely.In both cases the appointments were short-lived, which also suggests that no permanent elevation to ducal status took place.However, considering the frequency with which counties were reassigned between different nobles in the Carolingian kingdom of the West Franks in the late 8th and 9th centuries, an unbroken succession of counts from the same family is unlikely."Pippinus rex Francorum" confirmed a donation to Fulrad Abbot of Saint-Denis by charter dated 1 Mar 752 which names "fidelibus nostris Milone, Rotgario, Cheimgaudo, Crothardo, Gerichardo, Autgario et Wiberto comite palatii nostri"), the bishopric was vacant for some years due to conspiracies and quarrels (annos aliquos, propter imminentes seditiones et rixas) during which time "Rothgarius quidam comes et filius eius Karivius" held power in the bishopric. The Actus pontificum Cenomannis records that, during the period when "Rothgarius quidam comes et filius eius Karivius" held power in the bishopric, against the wishes of the people they sent "quendam...clericum inlitteratum et indoctum, qui filius erat Rothgarii et frater Hervei...

His birth date range is estimated from the estimated date of his marriage which, assuming that his wife's origin is correctly shown below, must be reasonably accurate.

Maisnisias, which genitor meus Gauzlinus et mater mea Adeltrudis habuerunt, to the abbey of Saint-Maur-sur-Loire, confirmed by Dodon Bishop of Anjou by charter dated 1 Mar 839 [Rorgo] [I] (-16 Jun [839/40], bur Abbaye de Saint-Maur de Glanfeuil, Anjou). Considering that Guy was named as comte du Maine in [832/34], one possibility is that this enthronement was incorrectly dated in this source.

His relationship with one of the daughters of Emperor Charlemagne suggests that Rorico probably lived at the emperor's court in the early 9th century, but no confirmation of this suggestion has been found in contemporary documentation. Another possibility is that two counts held power in the county at the same time, although no other primary source indication has been identified which suggests that this is correct. Rorgo comes donated predium..pago Andecavo in condita Maciacense..Valegia....

No other reference to this invasion has been found nor any indication how long the occupation lasted, although considering the Viking successes during the 870s reported earlier such an occupation would not be surprising.

This Ragenold has not yet been linked to any other reference.Einhard names "Karlomannumet Pippinum atque Grifonem" as the three sons of "Karlus maior domus" when recording the latter's death, specifying that "Grifominor natumatrem habuit Swannhilde neptem Odilonis ducis Baioariorum".

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