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21-Oct-2020 08:33

Her internet sites are as follows: Custom Handcrafted Jewelry by Marilyn Weller Jewelry Design, and Reg Mar Jewelry handmade designers jewelry FREE Shipping. was founded by Sol Weinrich about 1911 in Philadelphia, PA specializing in imitation jewelry and simulated pearl jewelry under the name Marvella. was the name chosen about 1950 and, around 1965, the name was changed to Marvella, Inc.For additional information, contact her at her email address: her other address, Marilyn Weller Jewelry Design, 38 Lagoon Road, San Rafael, CA 94901, Phone 415-456-8923. Before World War II, the jewelry consisted primarily of gold plated metal topped with enamel, simulated pearls and plain and faceted beads using brilliant faceted crystal beads with rhinestone roundels as spacers.However, the signature was often modified, using different fonts, in the box, and, later, in a circle, etc.Anyway, the name Marvella was always present in one of the three inscriptions – Marvella, Marvell, or Marvellesk. The Majorica Pearls have been subject to a number of resistance tests including invariability to color, iridescence and brilliance along with extensive tests to resist foreign agents such as humidity, heat, perfume, beauty creams, and perspiration. Majorica distributes its products in over 100 countries, in major world airlines, and within the most prestigious duty free stores throughout international airports. Prior to forming his own company, about 1930 or so, Burleigh B. Vice President for the Brier Manufacturing Co., a jewelry company that specialized in imitation diamond jewelry using stones imported from around the world set in gold filled base metal and manufactured under the Little Nemo Trademark. They are recognized worldwide for their superior quality and workmanship and the company, Majorica Pearls, is the oldest continuous pearl manufacturing company in the world. Greenberg producing MAMSELLE costume jewelry with headquarters at 333 W. The company employed nearly 900 people at its height.Marvella costume jewellery Founded in 1911 in Philadelphia, Jewellery company Weinrich Bros. In the 1950s the company developed a wide production of jewelry made of artificial pearls of excellent quality under the brand name «Marvella Pearls, Inc.».

He was also a friend of the late Daniel Swarovski and the first importer of Swarovski stones at a time when they were still in Czechoslovakia. MAMSELLE costume jewelry consisted of gold plated base metal with brushed and polished surfaces. Marilyn Weller, jewelry designer and owner of Trends in Personal Style or Marilyn Weller Jewelry Design, is located in San Rafael, California.(Information obtained from William Greenberg, son of Burleigh B. Some designs had colored paint highlighting the enamel. She designs handcrafted, sporty, elegant in character jewelry using semi-precious stones, pearls, silver and vermeil utilizing inherent design patterns, with all elements of design in character with the pieces being timeless to incorporate into ones adorned clothing accessories.Some had colored and clear crystal rhinestones, faux pearls, and imitation stones embedded in the metal of the pins, brooches and pendants produced. The company ceased operations of MAMSELLE jewelry under the B. It is said that the unique gemstone jewelry and beaded jewelry produced by Weller has patterns with color, shape, sparkly texture, scale and length.Noteworthy, the name of Marvella exists currently, jewelry marked Marvella by Monet.

Mark Mercy founded his own company, M & M Designs 1n 1993 after having worked for Stanley Hagler. Majorica Pearls are enchanting pearls to wear and sure to be admired. Greenberg did the hiring of department heads and all the designers as well as selling to the large accounts and setting up business relationships with suppliers in Europe and Japan up until 1962 when he formed his own company producing his costume jewelry under the MAMSELLE Trademark. With Burleigh Greenberg as founder and CEO, his detailed position in the company revolved around overseeing all the operations, marketing, design/trends, and production along with handling the companys legal and finance concerns.

Some of the jewelry consisted of letter initial pins (A-Z) of gold plated metal with brushed and polished surfaces, some with etched diamond cuts in some of the gold plated metal designs. The unique upscale gemstone and beaded jewelry is hand-made, produced into necklaces, bracelets and earrings (clip-on, pierced) using semi-precious gemstones found throughout the world in an amazing array of color, metals, and other organic, non-organic materials including pearls, glass, wood, lava, bones, resins etc.

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