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This made it easy to place responsibility for the fate of the Illini on their native enemies, or perhaps even nature itself.

The story of the Illini’s decline is a chilling indication of how the European presence, regardless of purpose or intention, unleashed destructive forces upon North America’s native peoples which reached far beyond the immediate areas of their colonization.

The Hualapai Reservation was established by an executive order in 1883, when the tribe numbered around 700.

Today, the Hualapai live on a reservation encompassing a million acres along 108 miles of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

Over time, they drifted south into Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes southwest of New Orleans.

Most of their descendents are still there today and live in or in the vicinity of Montagne, Golden Meadow, and Dulac-Grand Caillou.

The Gros Ventre were kinfolk of the Arapaho, and called themselves A’aninin, the White Clay People.

The Gros Ventre were probably original residents of Minnesota and North Dakota, but, as European expansion pushed them westward, the tribe migrated to Montana, where most of their descendants still live today.

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After the smallpox epidemic of 1837, they moved up the Missouri River and established themselves close to the Fort Berthold trading post. C., these Indians migrated from northern Mexico and settled at a place now called Snaketown, near Phoenix, Arizona.Hidatsa villages, with circular earth lodges, were enclosed by an earthen wall.Their survival depending upon the cultivation of corn and an annual organized buffalo hunt.Together with the Arikara and Mandan, many Hidatsa reside on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota. This group, who lived in pit houses, wisely invented an early form of irrigation, digging canals up to ten miles in length, then damming and directing the water through rows of crops.

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They made pottery using a unique dye from the saguaro cactus.Encompassing some 1.6 million acres, the headquarters is at Kykotsmovi, Arizona. Houma – Originally the Houma were from east central Mississippi and were of the Chakchiuma.