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Inside this area are cases holding casts of some of the people who died at Pompeii.

Behind the Forum (next to Basilica) are municipal buildings.

Roman cities were neatly laid out in a grid pattern, in many cases with wide streets at right angles to one another, and “every fifth street and avenue of unusual breadth." The buildings had strong foundations and numerous inscriptions with angular Roman letters.

Remnants of Roman cities can be found in almost every major population center in southern Europe, Turkey, Syria and North Africa and many places in Spain, France, Switzerland, Britain, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Outside on a wall are scrawled the names of three women who presumably entertained guests in the cubicles upstairs; as well as the names of favored candidates in an upcoming election. 62 earthquake that struck Pompeii with skewed buildings and riders toppled off their horses.

Most important cites were surrounded by protective walls and featured a triumphant gateway, colorful mosaic sidewalks, an amphitheater, smaller theaters, a hippodrome (horse track), paved streets. The hardened, fine-grained ash and rock frtom that eruption proved to be an excellent preservative, encasing objects like insects in amber.

marble meeting halls for the local council, temples honoring Roman and local gods, and a market place with colonnades, often surrounding a fountain. The ruins of Pompeii covers an area of 164 acres (about a fifth of the size of New York's Central Park) and is located within an irregular oval with a circumference of 2¼ miles.

It’s the classic Pompeii disaster story everybody replays when they write about Pompeii. The cultural backwash that came out of it was extraordinary.” The characters, statues, movies.” When asked if a was a bit like Harry Potter, Beard said, “Yes, what you have to understand is that this book was phenomenally successful in the 19th century.

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You can be sniffy about Harry Potter and you can be sniffy about Bulwer Lytton, but when these books touch a generation there’s a reason for it.” The Porta Marina Entrance (about 200 meters from the train station) is the main entrance for people entering Pompeii.

To the right of the Forum is the Comitium, Building of Eurmachia (with a carved door frame covered with images of animals, insects and scrolls), Temple of Vespian (with a frieze depicting a sacrifice) and Temple of the Temple of Public Lares.