Dating as a quadriplegic

26-May-2020 10:08

Instead, I saw the stories of young love play out up and down the halls of my high school every day.

social media, so I couldn't exactly just close my laptop and pretend my peers didn't exist.

Looking back now as an adult, I know they weren't exactly I began to feel as though I was somehow standing on the outside, watching a documentary to a life I wasn't a part of.

Couples would walk hand-in-hand to class and leave love notes in lockers.

But I believed I was the girl who would never be seen as some guy's catch. Before long, it had become my shtick, something I clung to out of habit because it was safe and comfortable. By the time I'd turned 24, I'd graduated from college and started a blog, So About What I Said, back when blogging was still a relatively new medium.

Growing up, I had more than 20 surgeries, which means I logged more hours lying in hospital beds and sitting in stark-white doctors' offices than I did awkwardly talking to boys at school dances or gossiping about them at sleepovers.

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