Dating a former sorority girl

20-Jan-2020 22:51

dating a former sorority girl-13

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It doesn’t really belong on her resume — it’s not part of her professional qualifications, and if she listed it there, she’d be implying she thought it was relevant when it’s not.

Similarly, there was no need for her to bring it up in the interview.

That being said, I’m easily the most junior member of the hiring committee, so I don’t know if this is something I should spend capital on, but I feel like rejecting this candidate outright for a years-old action would be unfair to her. I’m assuming, though, that she didn’t stand out on the show for especially outrageous or bad behavior.

At the very least, she deserves to be brought back in and be asked about this part of her past. If she did, that changes my calculation a bit, because it’s reasonable for your company not to want clients to associate it with someone known for, say, constant public drunkenness, or serious anger issues, or racism or homophobia, or generally villainous behavior.

And it’s particularly odd that some of your colleagues take issue with the show not being on the candidate’s resume.This person will manage a team within our marketing department, and it’s a relatively senior position.