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30-Jun-2020 00:43

Our sex life has included cuckold fantasy for the majority of our marriage and she has always gotten extremely aroused fantasizing about cuckolding me and sleeping with other men.

We were living on the west coast early in our marriage while I was in the military and I introduced her to the fantasy of screwing other guys after I saw one of my platoon mate's enormous cock.

She giggled and ran excitedly down to the basement. Soon enough my bro came out of his room to get a drink. Hi, This is the final installment, part three of the first series on punishments by the Cuckold Coach.

Few minutes later I (quietly) snuck down there and found her half naked, just laying there. She knew he was getting a drink and asked if she could drink a bit to help her sleep. As I wrote this, and upon reflecting on it, I realized that it was really a cursory treatment of punishments.

Us because we had kids and it was free rent, him because he's a bum and an asshole. She doesn't usually ask but obviously this is a special situation.

I told her to do what she wanted but to make sure he didn't know that I knew about it.

He, of course, said he would be more than happy to make my fantasy a reality. I desperately want to watch my wife have sex with her ex boyfriend Jeff.

She shared her discussions with him with me and I made sure she had my ... My wife is a good woman and was a virgin when we met.

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I never considered myself a Beta male or someone that likes submission and emotional chastity.Primarily, it introduced the four common types of punishments, gave some tips on how to begin exploring them, and shared a few specific examples.

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