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30-Jul-2020 18:23

ASS a special Christm ASS treat, we´ll stick a very special ASS-rocket up yours: none other than Tony Sylvester aka the Duke of Nothing, the Savior of Deathpunk sits down with TJ Radio and talks about his beginnings with the band and various other ASSpects of life, including his view on dr ASSing smart, ASSthetics, his diverse kick-ASS music interests and even his ASStonishing tattoos. But motorcyle clubs are still and indeed different from Turbonegro´s personal Navy. So does Jenny Finch of L7, who explains why she joined TJ after she´s been a darling of MTV and became a well knows figure in the alternative music scene in the 90ies. Ladies and Gentlemen: Tschebesta has left the building, he has left his mind.

Definitely a must-listen for the boring days ahead. TJR´s Frankie Dick takes a deep dive into the topic and explains all the Dos and Donts when it comes to dealing with MCs. A true Hollywood insider, she dives deep into youth culture, Turbonegro´s mothers and why Tinder sure isn´t the answer to all the lonely hearts out there. We talk about the upcoming WTJT in Hamburg and about the insane program.

Jugendwart Balthasar Katharsis explains in depth on this episode of TJ Radio – a must listen, especially for TJ presidents!

In the last show, Tony Sylvester talked easy going stuff like Northern Soul music and his view on men´s fashion.

From the simple ass grab, a pic of a tiny schlong, the admiration of a World War 2 battleship to a “woman that we like to beat” – we try to cover the broad bandwidth of accepted provocation – after all, TJ is a post-modern interpretation of Punk. TJR not only goes down on El Commandante in A(u)ssiland, but also finds Cato in the cold and wet streets of Oslo.

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Pauli, about the great program and happy days ahead.In the second part of the interview, TJR´s Frankie Dick takes the mic and digs deep into Tony´s first concert as the new lead singer of Turbonegro and verbally goes downstairs ass he talks about his private tattoos. Tschebesta loses his mind ass he talks about a most wonderful TJ patch that he now owns after searching for it for 12, 11 or 10 years.Tune in and find out how YOU can get on TJR and join us on the Denim airwaves. Dive into his deepest thoughts, his innermost feelings as the “Freie Doitsche Turbojugend” patch, the Most-Valuable-Patch of all time gives him his definitely well earned rest – in peace.TJR bows down – Hail to Thee in Haakon-Marius´ Crown! We ask Mirolav Menschenkind, a professional photographer and artsy friend of the Jugend how he regards TJ in the light of other popular youth cultures. Engel´s 2015 brandnew, official WTJT song and soon-to-be Turbojugend cl ASSic. We critically discuss “Bootlegging” with Kutten-Master Chuck Destruction of TJ Fort Collins (USA), talk about the upcoming event OSLO BLOODBATH and can simply say: one of the juiciest TJR episodes ever. TJR is yet again well ahead of its time bringing Darkness´interpretation of Valentine´s day to November as we discuss “Turbolove – Love within the TJ”. with Two Hawks and features the second part of the Marco Almera interview. Turbojugend Radio is an international podcast that gets you up-to-date on all the news and gossip surrounding Turbojugend and its worldwide activities.

TJ Radio eventually sits down for yet another discussion on the ever so relevant topic of political correctness within the Turbojugend. And definitely the highest level of intoxicated podcasting – so far. Furthermore we head up way north to Finland and even reveal the class of the 2014 Turbojugend Amb ASSadors. Turbojugend Radio raises the question of “How to take proper care of your Kutte? From the rear end of Europe in Cologne, Germany, Tschebesta, Turbojugend Søngerknaben Wien, b…

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