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07-Oct-2019 16:44

I did the AMEX thing in reverse: I didn’t go home without it . Which could be a dream come true for gun collectors.

While I was attending SIG’s Civilian Response to Terrorist Threats class one of the guys said they’d just received a shipment of ten P938s. I would have preferred an Equinox P938, but availability was a Nightmare.

Again, that trigger is a bit of a disappointment to me given my experience with SIG’s other guns.

The kick was more noticeable than the smaller-calibered P238, obviously, but it was a pleasure to shoot.

One of the main benefits of living closerthanthis to the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping New Hampshire: the guys in the Pro Shop know me better than Daniela De Jesus Cosio knows Mexican food. The Nightmare is the first P938 out of the gate; ‘net buzz suggests SIG may be producing as few as 500 guns. The model ditches wood grips for Hogue G-10 plastic handles, a tactical solution that looks slightly out of place for such a diminutive piece.

The Nightmare doesn’t appear on the official website nor was it one of the four P938’s models originally announced.

When it comes to accuracy, SIG’s X38 guns share a common problem with all sub-compacts: shooters with average-sized hands will likely find the smaller grip means using a different portion of your trigger finger than you do on your larger guns.

There’s a greater tendency for your shots to pull to the left as trigger jerk becomes harder to avoid.SIG sells one six-round flush-fitting magazine, which is at least one too few (both in terms of rounds carried and magazines included).