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Occasionally errors specific to a user's game occur.

These are logged and sent to the server under any possible instance (there's no personally identifiable data sent! If you use the recommended Java setup reported errors occur less than once every 1000 player hours.

If the offending user is a guest, then there is a ignore all guests function.

To activate this, go to the 'Options' window, then go to 'messages' tab, and tick the box to ignore all guests' messages.

Note, address bars are sometimes used to indicate potential security problems with a website.

We do not take responsibility for any changes to your system that you make.

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The winner is the player to legally pot all his coloured balls and then the 8 ball.

If the offence is taking place within a tournament, there is a ignore PM's while competing option as well.

It is located in exactly the same place as the 'ignore all guests' function; again you will have to tick the box to activate.

There is an ignore user button, simply click on the member you wish to ignore and bring up the private message window, then press the ignore user button.

You will no longer be able to see what they type in the game window or by private messaging.

We cannot take one member's word over another and hence cannot take action when we get a complaint through contact us.