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Primal Chaos was sometimes said to be the true foundation of reality, particularly by philosophers such as Heraclitus.

The notion of the temporal infinity was familiar to the Greek mind from remote antiquity in the religious conception of immortality.

It hasn't been without controversy, particularly yesterday with the Lucky Iron Fish campaign and Product Design Grand Prix award, but then again Cannes wouldn't be Cannes without some form of controversy.

There is so much passion within our industry that people are going to speak up and voice their opinion, particularly when ideas, morals and ethics come into play.

Hesiod and the Pre-Socratics use the Greek term in the context of cosmogony.

Hesiod's chaos has been interpreted as either "the gaping void above the Earth created when Earth and Sky are separated from their primordial unity" or "the gaping space below the Earth on which Earth rests".

Use of chaos in the derived sense of "complete disorder or confusion" first appears in Elizabethan Early Modern English, originally implying satirical exaggeration.It's just as common for an over 60 person about to retire to become a start up entrepreneur, as for our children to do the same from their university dorm rooms.Older generations are being redefined, just as for millennia the concept of adulthood has shifted.Androids, capable of controlling the degree of human presence, have the potential to become a very powerful tool.

They can also communicate information on behalf of humans, so they are also reflections of humanity.The origins of the Chaoskampf myth most likely lie in the Proto-Indo-European religion whose descendants almost all feature some variation of the story of a storm god fighting a sea serpent representing the clash between the forces of order and chaos. The Greco-Roman tradition of Prima Materia, notably including the 5th and 6th century Orphic cosmogony, was merged with biblical notions (Tehom) in Christianity and inherited by alchemy and Renaissance magic.