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Other APARs apply to Cognos BI Server and may also apply to other components.Product datasheet Upgrade Price Guarantee Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32 Bit / 64 Bit Editions New language versions: Chinese - Lithuanian - Japanese - Polski - Romanian - Spanish - Czech Update Star is compatible with Windows platforms.A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number.You can choose your language settings from within the program.PKI – CES/CEP – Enrollment Policy PKI – Autogenerate INF PKI – Script the Request, Submit, and Import Cert SCCM – Install Agent on Workgroup Computer Python – ICSplit – Split Google Calendar File Power Shell – View Objects of Processes Power Shell – Output Local Certificates to File Power Shell – Verify if Device is Connected Windows – Perfmon not working SCCM – Change MP SCCM – Force DP/MP to Remove Quickly Windows – Add Certificate to Stores SCCM – Logs SCCM – Change Site Code Power Shell – Return Disk Space in Chart/Graph Windows 10 – Download Windows App without Store Windows 10 – TLS Cipher Suites in Windows 10 v1709 Google Chrome – Disable/Enable Auto Update Windows – Roll Back a Driver Google File Stream – A partially deleted previous installation Windows 10 – Disable UAC for Remote Assistance/Google Remote Desktop/Quick Assist SCCM – SQL – Return Logged in Computers for Users Windows 10 – Install SQL Server 2005 SCCM – SQL – Return Computers and IP Addresses Windows – Global Audit Policy C, C – Windows, Linux – Shutdown Computer Windows – Ps Ping Server 2016 – Run ‘0x2a 0x C004F069’ to display the error text SCCM – Command Line Options for Setup SCCM – Link AD Users/Groups to Collections Windows 10 – Application Settings Randomly Popping Up Google Chrome Uninstall Windows – Change Roaming Aggressiveness SCCM – Power Shell – SQL Query Windows – Disable Intel AT Registration Notification Windows 10 – Start Menu/Pinned Icons Corrupted Windows – Enable Remote Assistance Windows – Power Shell – Remove Windows Store Apps Windows – Power Shell – Reset Windows Updates Turn off Screen – Place Display into Standby Mode Power Shell – Auto It – Set Window Size and Position Windows 10 – DVI Adapter Monitor Issues, Half of Monitor Windows 10 – Associate Image Types to Photo Viewer Windows Resource Icons Power Shell – Update SQL Record SCCM – Application Stuck on Installing or Downloading Windows 10 – DPI Scaling Causing Blurred Fonts Windows 10 – Randomly Disconnecting Mapped Drives Windows 10 – Default Printer Not Available Windows 10 – Auto-Tuning Disable it or not? COMException (0x80070003) SCCM – If IIS Becomes Corrupted, or Just Needs to be Completely Reset SCCM – Restart the Whole WSUS/SUP Instance SCCM – Automated WSUS & SUP Install SCCM – Sync SUP Automatically SCCM – Create New Site System Automatically Power Shell – Get-Windows Feature & Install-Windows Feature SCCM – System Center Configuration Manager Tools VMWare Workstation – Repeated Characters When Typing VBScript – Check to See if Web File exists, Download It Batch – LANDesk Local Admin Password Change VBScript – Translating Characters that have been Substituted C# – Elevation of Applications, Runas (Jump) C#/VBScript – LANDesk Client Elevated Repair – Proof of Concept Batch – Engine Example – v2 Power Shell – Change Registry Key Permissions Foxit PDF Reader Switches – Options Batch – Engine Example – v1 VBScript – Encoding and Decoding a Stored Password: v1 C# – Hashes and Comparisons C# – Encrypt/Decrypt Password C# – Change Local Admin Password C# – Change Local Admin Password and Add Encrypted Reg Key Shockwave GUIDs Java Script – Dimming and Lighting Through Opacity Power Shell – Return Computer name, Count of Missing Updates, Missing KBs VBScript – SCCM Change Site Code SCCM Get sm BIOS UUID using WMIC Power Shell – Return True or False for Certificates Enable/Disable SMBv1, SMBv2, SMBv3 Skype 7. Silent Install Batch – Verify Returned Values are Numbers Adobe Connect No Longer Automated in Chrome Power Shell – Return Product Key Power Shell – Return Product Key and/or Save to Text File Power Shell/VBScript – Return Members from AD Group Power Shell – Is User a Member of a Group VBScript – Is User a Member of a Group Fire Fox Disable Auto Updates VBScript – Determine Domain and Do Something Power Shell – Domain or Workgroup Power Shell – Determine Domain and Do Something Bookshelf 7.1.2 Juniper Pulse Disconnecting Users Tableau Reader GUIDs LANDesk Creating Numerous C:\Users Profiles Power Shell/VBScript – Verify Credentials of Active Directory User Power Shell/VBScript/Batch – Generate Report of Last Boot Time from Add/Remove User from Local Admin, based upon AD Group Remove Line from LANDesk File Update Line from LANDesk File Windows 10 Bitlocker Power Shell – GUI and Package VBScript – Encode/Obfuscate Numbers in the Registry Always Run As Admin Pending Reboots in LANDesk Power Shell – Install Windows Updates – Suppress Reboots Batch – Install Windows Updates – Suppress Reboots Batch/Power Shell – Inject Windows Updates into WIM VBScript – Skype Wrapper and Installer C# – Database App – CRUD and Form (Studies) C# – Date and Time (Studies) C# – Working with Collections (Studies) C# – Classes and Constructors (Studies) C# – LINQ (Studies) Enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 C# – Enumeration and Switch (Studies) C# – Handling Exceptions (Studies) How to find which OU a computer belongs to?CAB File on Windows Elevated Commands Receiving White Java Icon or Application Error in Control Panel Monitor Window Title using Auto IT Read Text File into an Array Find the Most Recent File in Folder Disable Auto Updates in VLC Player Robocopy Quick Books MST for Silent Deployment Quick Books Silent Install – Enterprise Deployment Runas with Passthrough Credentials Locked i file when Opening i Tunes Database Mail XPs Server Configuration Option i Tunes Deployment Return COUNT from SQL Database using VBScript How to Connect to a SQL Database and Return Record Data with VBScript Recovering Windows 7 Password – Logging in – Private Issues Resulting in Bitlocker Recovery Mode and Their Resolution What are Regular Expressions in VBScript?

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Bitlocker Prompting You for Key Due to Ownership Get Around the Bitlocker Key Required Skype Silent Install Bandwidth Throttling with Robocopy Manually Remove SEP Set Local Account to Never Expire Set the Homepage in Registry or Script Negotiated NT Domain Password for the Machine Account If a Second Userprofile Gets Created, Fix It Return SID via WMIC Check Windows Activation Activating Windows 7 TPM and Bit Locker passwords in Active Directory Turn Off TPM Invalid Boot Data while Applying a WIM File Activating Office Deleting Multiple Temp Profiles Waiting for Multiple Processes to End Silently Uninstall Office 2010 OGG Streaming Playing a Sound in a Webpage Remove Padlocks or Locks from your Folders Empty Recycle Bin via Command Scan Registry Looking for a String Generate User Profile without Logging in Scripted Folder Redirection Check Remote User Login Status Rollback IE11 to IE9 – 2 Pass Strategy Stop Pending Windows Updates Missing User Account Names at Windows 7 Logon Move All C:\User Folders to Another Hard Drive in Windows 7 Update the File Password Return Manufacturer via WMIC Simple Email Address Compliance Check Check a Password for Complexity Scan Text File for Registry Entries Center DIV Vertically and Horizontally Webpage Redirect for Mobile Phones Webpage Redirect for Safari Browsers Return Manufacturer of Workstation Open from a Script Return a Specific Line in a Text File Return First Character from Text File Create an External Bootable Hard Drive Change Base Priority from Normal to High Unlock Bitlocker Drive Decoding Files Encoding Files C#/Power Shell/VBScript – Return MD5 Hash Setting up Bitlocker on Multiple Partitions Verify Files Based on MD5 Hash in Win PE Verify Files Based on Size and Date in Win PE Adding a Refresh Option to the Boot Menu Rename Workgroup Name Automate Imaging via USB Drive Diskpart a Drive to Create 4 Partitions Create/Import Custom LANDesk Entry into LANDesk Database Script to Import Bitlocker Recovery Info and Update Computer Description in AD GMail Mailto Handler Remote Execution on Windows 7 Machines Echoing Parentheses in a Batch File Generate MD5 Install Application Under Restricted User – with 3 possible passwords Create Local User Account via Input Scripting the Sym Utility Java Security White List ROT-13 Encode/Decode Disable the Annoying Symantec AV Expired Message Fix Object ID Errors when Mounting WIMs Figure out which Drive to Image in your file Merge MAC Address Files with Case Conversion Checking Different s Return Codes for Join Domain Check Domain Status Check Workstation Status in AD Scanning Reg Key Types Scanning and Changing Reg Keys Set Registry Permissions Installing Google Chat Plugin into your Image Add Sites to IE Zones Enable Mixed Mode in IE Set black wall paper to the new build through VB Script How to determine whether a computer is VM or Physical through VB Script Script to Put User Picture in Active Directory Google Chrome Becomes Unresponsive Remove All Mapped Drives in VBScript Remove all PST from the Outlook Mailbox using VBScript VBScript To Take Screenshots Disable/Enable Symantec Protection via Command Line Check Network Connectivity – Simple Determine Network Connectivity Copy Files to Remote Machines via Server List Bitlocker Compliance Script Clear Multiple DNS Servers’ Caches Get Ping Information Read Names From File Event Log Scanner Clear temp and i Phone Stuff Record Logoff Record Logon Tight VNC MSI Install Via Script To Install Fonts To Workstations Copy Image File Based On Screen Resolution Add an Active Directory Group to the Local Administrator Group of Workstation(s) Manage the Volume Dirty Bit Find Complex Strings Rename Computer Remotely Disable Unused Network Accounts Change Bulk Folder Permissions Pin and Unpin Applications from the Taskbar and Start-menu Find Which OU A User Belongs To Join Machine to Domain HTA – with object verification Verify if Computer Object Exists Add Dynamic Data to AD Description Field Disable Firewall Add IP Address to Zone Cannot Logon onto Computer “because the logon method is not allowed” Add an ACE to write TPM recovery information to AD DS Enabling Bitlocker in a Script – Automated Import Bitlocker Info into Active Directory Access Denied Error 0×80070005 message when initializing TPM for Bitlocker Load Bitlocker Recovery Keys to AD Manually Stop and Start the Sql Server Browser Return Username on Remote Machine Install Chrome Extension Deploy Reg Settings to 64 bit Systems Rename Computer Model Number & Service Tag XOR Encryption Return Machine Model 2 Ways Decrypt / Encrypt String in ROT-13 Shrinking WIM Files Use Putty to SSH into LANDesk Gateway Recover the disk space on the LANDesk Gateway Remove LANDesk Client Hide Hard Drive Letters Extracting Citrix Receiver Repair BCD Boot Errors Using Diskpart Move User from One Group to the Next Countdown Clock Launching Commands on Behalf of Someone Else Boot Script Copy Files Power Shell Count Files VBScript Count Files Power Shell Bulk Create Users from CSV Write Event Log Using Power Shell Create Users in AD Create Restore Point Create Outlook Signature Remove Old GINA & Install New GINA Create a 64/32 bit Wrapper Hide Hidden Files and Folders Query Show & Hide Hidden File and Folder Setting Compare and Merge Specified Variables in Text Files Download Files from Website Custom Reg Keys Check and Log into Form Delete all Temps in all Profiles Move User to Group Countdown Timer Run As Someone Else Logon Script Copy Files Power Shell Count Files VBScript Count Files Power Shell Bulk Create Users from CSV Write Event Log Using Power Shell Create Users in AD Create a Restore Point Repair BCD Repairs Using Diskpart Map Printer Based on OU Spybot SD Cleanup Spyware Rename Computer Find Dated Computer Objects Enter Computer Name and Rename Rename PC with Netdom Autologin Once – reduced steps Change Name and Join Domain Correcting User Account and Mailbox Associations Returning Paths and Extension Background Previewer Picture/Book Slide Show Setting Folder Permissions Users and Logon Scripts Renaming PDF Files Remove Legacy SMTP Proxy Addresses Detect USB Drive and Alert Determine which USB Devices are connected How to install Zenworks Silently Remove User from Local Admin Remove Novell Account Set IP Address to Static Show Current Team Viewer ID Join Computer to Specific OU .Update Star has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions.

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