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The following table is from Tony Garland's recommended free online commentary on Daniel (see also his in depth verse by verse commentary on the book of the Revelation, one of the best evangelical commentaries available - A Testimony of Jesus Christ A Testimony of Jesus Christ).Note that Dr Garland chooses Daniel's "starting age" as 14yo but the range in various reputable sources is from 14-21yo. Accurately predicts the time of Messiah's first coming and crucifixion in Daniel , 25, 26, 27, a section I feel is rightly referred to as "the backbone of all Biblical prophecy".(See notes on Daniel , Daniel , Daniel , Daniel ) Note: Daniel himself received 4 visions which described in the second half of Daniel, chapters 7-12 (Da 7:1, 8:1, 9:1, 2, 10:1) but these visions actually occurred during the historical section of Daniel 1-6 - thus Daniel's 1st and 2nd visions (Da 7:1, Da 8:1) occurred between Daniel 4 (the last mention of Nebuchadnezzar) and Daniel 5 (the last day of the reign of Belshazzar).do korean girls like americans, korean girl friends, black peope meet, ...

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No other reference to this invasion has been found nor any indication how long the occupation lasted, although considering the Viking successes during the 870s reported earlier such an occupation would not be surprising.… continue reading »

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