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Q: SM: I think I was scared to hear what was actually going on.

A couple of times the doctors had said, “Maybe she’ll be back by this date,” and I’d get excited, then it was constant letdown. It took us a long time to figure things out, because we grew apart so much in those two months.

Even walking in as a 13-year-old with 21-year-old men in the room, it wasn’t really that intimidating. TV: We wanted to take this year just to be open to the whole thing, and then at the end of the year, take our bodies’ temperatures, see if we have that internal drive.

The guys are a lot more laid back, we just sit and joke. Q: TV: This time it’s a little different than in 2008, when we were really anxious to get back.

We needed to fight through the competitions together, and that paved the way, but it took a long time for us to trust each other again.

SM: We saw a sports psychologist together, who does sports and also psych and marriage counselling.

Also, I didn’t want to tell her, “I’ve been at the rink all day, training.” I was thinking that’s not what she needed to hear. TV: A year before the Games we’ve trained for our whole lives, and we’re feeling awkward seeing each other.

I didn’t feel totally healthy, I questioned my skating skills. There was one practice at the Olympics, I felt like my legs couldn’t bend—I was more nervous even than for the performance. I was taking a psychology class at the University of Windsor, and it branched off into a sports psych section. It’s so disappointing that we missed the fall series, but it’s almost better to be in this situation with the hope of competing pain free. Q: SM: When I’m home, my friends are all coming home from work, their lives are a little more concrete. TV: And academically, a lot of my friends are in their fourth year of university.

However, their book Tessa Virtue: Relieved, more than anything, because finally there’s an answer to the pain I’ve been experiencing.

For years it was, “Oh, skate through it,” or, “Work on your breathing to get more oxygen to your shins.” We were actually planning on skating this season, and it’s funny because mentally I was really blocking out the pain, not admitting it to myself.

What we do on ice is keep the mystery alive, but when we’re off the ice, when we’re doing interviews, that’s who we really are.

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Q: SM: Yes, but I took about a week and was just at home, coaching some of my mom’s students.

There are websites full of comments like, “They need to get married and have babies,” and you’re not even dating.