22-Sep-2020 00:04

I had no idea the “family” meant myself and three other girls. Afterwards, he said “that wouldn’t have happened if I would have just listened to him at first.” I blamed myself instead of being angry at him for being raped.After I was introduced to the “family,” I was told what my role would be. I was angry at myself for not listening to him in the first place.I would go out to “work” that night and bring him back the money. He assured me he would always love me no matter what, but he needed to know how much I loved him by making sure I would do anything for him. After that, he picked my clothes out, told me what to wear, what to say, how to walk, what to say to “Johns” and how much money I was to bring back to him. When I first went out into the streets, when I met my first John, I felt like this was something I did not want to do.I walked around the streets back and forth for hours.I was now seeing a side of him that I never saw before — a brutal side where he repeatedly hit me in front of the other girls to teach us all a lesson. What would happen to me if I did try to leave and who would believe me if I told them what was going on? None of us were ever allowed to see a doctor so we endured our pain by pushing it deep down inside and trying to forget it ever happened.I can’t count the number of times people have asked me “why didn’t you just leave? ” To that, I simply say “do you ask a child that is kidnapped why they didn’t try to leave?

Pimps prey on young women and girls by finding their weakness and then exploiting it.

Women’s funds and foundations are often the first to create, support, and promote the latest solutions to major social problems, and our members’ response to this issue was no exception.