American girls chat without inscription

29-May-2020 07:45

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A bird of rare plumage had taken possession of his home; a strange blend of nightingale and parakeet was gracing the nest he had vaguely expected to be shared by some meek, dun-feathered wren."My dear great-niece," I think you would answer me with the wise, faintly amused expression which is yours in the only likeness I have ever seen of you, "some day you will learn as I did to make a virtue of necessity." Then, with that slight Parisian shrug you were able to subdue but never entirely shed, you might add: "Who knows most speaks least." Still, legends are not easily shed.Silence and obscurity may not be had for the asking.Half a century ago no memorial was complete without some pious comment or a Biblical text chosen to fit the life and works of the departed.

Why should yours be the only one in that group of marble and slate that asks nothing of God or man?Your eyes, not particularly large or beautiful in themselves, were keen, full-lidded, and intent above well-defined cheekbones and a rather flat nose with a wide, spirited flare to the nostrils.

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