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The plant only displayed a few blooms that seemed to die out very quickly.So I decided to hit the internet to find out what I could do to get more out of the plant, and in its second year pictured above and below it’s one of the most attractive spring bloomers I have.Container gardening can be fun and easy if careful consideration is used in choosing the right containers.The containers you choose should be an extension of your personal style, and that style will be shared by all who visit your landscape.Not only is it beautiful, but I also learned lupins have a few other advantages as well.So I’ve put together a list of some fun facts about lupins and also some growing tips below.Hopefully this post is helpful in your quest to find the perfect containers for your container gardens.

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It’s a bit early in my area to start planting containers as it’s best to wait for the threat of frost to pass, and in central New York that’s usually end of May to beginning of June.Terracotta pots are probably the most popular containers to use.These containers are very versatile, and they can be decorated in many different ways which can bring even more creativity to container gardening.Another disadvantage to terracotta is that it will break if left out in freezing temperatures, this makes it difficult to plant spring blooming bulbs in them.

Stone pots are very nice if you’re looking for a bit more decoration on your container right from the get go.

These containers are much more resistant to freezing temperatures making them great for spring blooms, and it’s nice to be able to leave them out in the winter.