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" And then, "You said turtlenecks..." She just forced me to take it off. I think that, but then, it's also so much more sweet when you do. And she does it in a really interesting way with a great actor and with a great supporting team. And for a person like me, I was not looking for love as an experience of sharing. Keaton On Her Career: Stahl: Do you love your career? It took me a long time to become an adult, in spite of the fact that I was an aging adult. Keaton: I kind of felt at a certain point that this wasn't going to happen, probably. Keaton: To raise a child is the most humbling experience in life.

And also, I think the experience for women from their 30s to their 50s -- she and I have shared, in that regard. "We're going to be open," I kept saying to her, "Well, can't I wear my glasses? And letting go is very hard when you're in your mid 50s. My feeling about romantic love is that unfortunately, it's not rooted in the ordinary realistic world. And I also had to take a long, hard look about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Stahl: Did you say, "I'm never gonna get married" at some point? Is that very difficult out here, in Hollywood, to raise a child -- as a single mother? The fact that you really are put right back on the planet Earth firmly with your two feet.

She’s so self-deprecating and cute and charming and has no idea how beautiful she was and is. Her famous exes were all “unattainable greats.” She loved Al Pacino’s nose. It’s a horrible problem.” She says therapy helped her recover from a five-year struggle with the eating disorder and one day just “didn’t open a half gallon of rocky road ice cream.” 8. He never knew about her bulimia but commented that she “could really pack it in.” She and Woody are still good friends. ‘There was a sacrifice she had to make in not having a career.

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She’ll keep acting “as long as they’ll have her.” 19. ’ she says with a laugh, pulling the skin back on her cheeks. If you start at 65 you’d have a really weird face.” 20.

So you can imagine, I was sitting next to my sister who was my date. It was remarkable that it was a comic performance that won. Keaton: That would be an all the more remarkable performance, because it would be so sweet. And I think that in that regard, this idea of romantic love is a very dangerous area for a person like me... Stahl: Your career has been rooted in your relationships. The Warren Beatty phase -- and you had a relationship with him. Al Pacino, "The Godfather." Keaton: That phase was not so much a professional experience. Any of the people who are making these movies that have, you know, really been these great, profound experiences to watch this year.

And I think that was remarkable that it was a comedy. But the thing is, you get addicted to that -- and that's not real love to me. But this idea of surviving is not really completely dependent on partnerships. And doing "The Godfather." But it's really interesting that the longest relationships -- working relationships -- have been in the arena of romantic comedy. I would like to work with well, Clint Eastwood, of course.

But on the other hand, I've very interested in the idea of trying to hang in with authenticity in that regard. So it's really just a kind of choice about how you want to go.

Boy, did I just fall in love with Diane Keaton for the billionth time. There was an aspect of him that was like a lost orphan, like this kind of crazy idiot savant. “Never married, she thinks she didn’t find ‘a home in the arms of a man’ as she puts it, because of her mother’s cautionary tale. She wrote the book because her mother, Dorothy Keaton Hall, got Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2008 and she realized the “urgency to her interest in preserving memories.” 22. Contrary to trying to stay vital, I should try to calm down.” 23.

Keaton On Baring It All In "Something's Gotta Give": Keaton: I had to play the part. And not only be naked literally, but naked emotionally. And I think, with great words, and with a director like Nancy [Meyers], who is your most supportive audience.

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