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26-Mar-2020 19:02

The International Skating Union (ISU), founded in the Netherlands in 1892, was created to oversee skating internationally.

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The next year the ISU rules were changed to specify that women could not enter the event, but a separate women’s category, which Syers won for the first two years, was finally created three years later.With more than 50 member nations, the ISU establishes rules about the conduct of skating and skating competitions.Also notable for their important contributions to the sport of figure skating are Alois Lutz.Winning her first world title at the age of 14, she was the youngest champion until Tara Lipinski won the world championship in 1997 at an age two months younger than Henie.

Lipinski also dethroned Henie as the youngest female Olympic champion by winning the gold medal in 1998 when she was 15.While the English diarist Samuel Pepys claimed to have danced on the ice during London’s hard winter of 1662, modern ice dancing most likely developed out of the Vienna Skating Club’s adaptation of the waltz in the 1880s. national championship for ice dancing was held in 1914, it did not become an Olympic sport until 1976. Pairs were not introduced until 1908 and ice dancing not until 1952.