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Stop in the heart of the preserve to board stable rafts for a float on the calm waters of the river, keeping an eye out for eagles, bear, moose, and wolves.

End your cruise with a riverside lunch before your return to Haines.

Skagway, because of its deepwater harbor, served as the principal port for both routes (nearby Dyea, the beginning of the Chilkoot Trail, was built on the extensive, shallow Taiya River delta).

The White Pass route was slightly longer but less rigorous and steep, whereas the Chilkoot was shorter and more difficult.

As you amble along and get to know your trusty steed, your knowledgeable guides will regale you with tales from the Klondike Gold Rush, including the boom-and-bust saga of the once-thriving gold rush town of Dyea, which now lies abandoned.

Your ride will take you through quiet rainforest, then along the wildflower-strewn fields of the Dyea flats, with panoramic views of distant snow-capped mountains.

Prospectors who chose the Chilkoot were ferried to Dyea by small boat or an Alaskan bed and breakfast in the heart of the pristine Dyea Valley.