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Despite the strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to the Crown that most colonists possessed, many colonists were unhappy with the government.

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(Which, to be fair, it was; Cavendish Bentinck's government—toppled after one scandal too many in 1773—was quite easily the worst administration Britain has ever seen.) And since the colonists had no parliamentary representation of their own (for a whole host of reasons, not the least being royal prerogatives, though primarily because they would have posed a threat to the status quo) there were no American parliamentarians to gainsay this impression.Even so, the cabinet had to conduct an overhaul of the Crown's finances now that they didn't have all those special war-taxes.This meant the cutting of defense expenditure, limited campaigns against governmental corruption, moves to ensure the proper collection of taxes and new laws to close tax loopholes.Scotland, a less populous region, had dozens., having grown accustomed to running their own affairs via local governments meant they had no desire for such representation either.

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Since the signing of the Magna Carta, it had been the right of all Englishmen to be represented before the King in Parliament, through which all laws were passed and by which all taxes had to be approved.And as it happens, for the better part of a century many British citizens considered them Evil Chancellors, few more so than in British America.