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Then, the teams choose which opponent from the other team they want to go up against. Should one of the doomed players win, that player can select somebody else from the team as a replacement.

Only after the second mission will the Inferno be held. Apparently, BMP wasn’t as riveted as I was watching Sarah hang by her legs three times. Anyway, the winner stays, going back to the teammates who might not want them to stay.

I figured that the Gauntlet concept was good enough. It wiped out strong players (Elka, Steve, Theo G.), served as a showcase for others’ athletic prowess (Mike, Alton), and transformed Sarah from an eternal scrub to a queen. This time, things become a little more complicated.

In the final mission, whatever edge they had with a smaller group evaporated as Coral dropped out from a spider bite.

The only time I’ve seen him lose it was back in Extreme Challenge, where he almost throttled James for pelting Julie with one paintball too many.

The only trouble Syrus caused during Battle of the Sexes was jumping on Antoine’s back upon getting voted out.

Come to think of it, given the increasingly “extreme” missions, why would anybody return to compete?

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I still think BMP is out to kill their cast members.

Jonny Moseley has headed off into the sunset, back to his world of moguls skiing. I’m not into “Extreme” sports, so Dave’s career as a BMX biker isn’t known to me. My expectations are low, so he shouldn’t disappoint me too much.