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15-Nov-2019 06:45

I know there is a huge following for Gui Gui and Aaron Yan after their drama collaborations back in the days but I do not ship them simply because I did not see those dramas. Her energy, her smile, and her spirit cannot be covered. However, seeing them together brings a smile to my face because friendship is hard even for us normal folks, so to maintain a certain level of intimacy in the entertainment world must be doubly difficult.

Slowly though the conversation carries onto Aaron's leg that he injured when he first entered the Entertainment circle.

Aaron says he can do many things in his own country, but he also continues to participate in promotional activities to meet his fans in mainland China.5.

Aaron and his co-star in the drama Mysterious Incredible Terminator, Gui Gui, agreed to star in a new drama entitled Momo Love.

Agnes on the other hand says she too is a lover of music and wishes that they could enjoy it together.

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NOTE: "Single dogs" (单身狗) is a Chinese slang term for "single people".

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